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How long does it take to open an account, and where can the account opening status be tracked?

The Zerodha account will be opened within 72 hours if the KYC is verified and the documents submitted are correct. To check the KYC status, see What is Know Your Customer (KYC), and how can the KYC status be checked?

If a Zerodha account is opened for the first time, or if the client chooses to update their KYC details in the account opening flow, the KYC details have to be verified by the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) before the account is opened as per SEBI guidelines (WEB). KRA can take up to 72 hours to verify the KYC details, which could delay the account opening.

If the KYC information is not approved by the KRA, Zerodha will send an email explaining why and the documents required. To learn more, see Why was the account opening application put on hold? The login credentials will be sent to the registered email once the account is opened.

If the account opening is delayed for more than 72 working hours, create a ticket. To track the account opening status, log in to