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​​Is there a minimum balance to be maintained to keep an account active?

No, there is no minimum balance to be maintained in your Zerodha trading account. You start a relationship with Zerodha by opening a trading and demat account. The trading account allows you to trade on exchanges, and the demat account is where securities purchased are held.

A trading account is considered inactive or dormant if there is no activity for twelve consecutive months. See, ​​ I received an email stating my account is inactive, and I need to renew my KYC. How do I do that? However, a demat account remains active infinitely, even if there were no transactions in the trading account. But, to sell securities, ensure that your trading account is active.

Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) of ₹ 300 + 18% GST per year are applicable on the demat account. AMC is charged per quarter, i.e. every three months starting from the account opening date. It will be deducted from your trading account; hence, you need to transfer the required funds to your account. For more details on AMC, see What is Account Maintenance Charge (AMC) concerning my demat account at Zerodha?