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What is a sticky order window in Kite, and how to use it?

When the order is placed on Kite, the order window automatically closes after the order placement. This behaviour of the order window can act as a hindrance to an active trader who always trades with the same trading attributes such as order type, quantity, price etc. The sticky order window feature helps to place multiple orders with the same input as the order window doesn’t close down but remains open, and multiple orders can be placed with similar details from the same order window.

Example Scenario

Suppose a person wants to place an order for a Nifty option with 5400 quantity with the limit price of ₹100/-, but he is unable to place the order due to the freeze quantity limit. In this case, he can easily place multiple orders for Nifty using the sticky order window with the same details, i.e. Quantity, limit price, NRML or MIS product type etc. and click on Buy three times and three orders will be placed. The order window can be closed manually by clicking on the close button from the order window or clicking the ESC key from the keyboard.

To enable the sticky order window on the Kite web, go to the profile section and click on the switch button beside the sticky order window.

To enable or disable the sticky order window on the Kite app, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on Profile.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on the switch button beside the Sticky order window.