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Terms of Service for pledging

  • The collateral margin will be available on T+1 day for the stocks that are pledged before 5 PM.
  • When using collateral margin to trade F&O, the shareholder needs to have 50% of the margin requirement in cash or cash equivalents. If not, interest at 0.035% per day will be charged on the cash component funded by Zerodha. See Will Zerodha provide margin on liquid funds? If losses in F&O are not funded by cash, interest on the debit balance will be charged at 0.05% per day.
  • Use of collateral margins from pledging the holdings will only be allowed with a positive cash balance.
  • Cost of pledging: ₹30 + GST per scrip irrespective of quantity of stocks pledged.
  • This pledge is being created in the name of Zerodha Broking Limited – DP ID: 1208160054378965.
  • Once pledged, the holdings will not be available on Kite for selling unless unpledged. See How do I unpledge shares?
  • The shareholder will receive an email from CDSL to authorise the pledge request. The pledge request needs to be authorised before 7 PM to receive the margins from the next day. See How do I pledge my shares to get collateral margin?