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How do I authorise my pledge request on CDSL's portal?

Stocks, mutual funds and bonds can be pledged on Console to get collateral margins. See How do I pledge my shares to get collateral margin? and What is pledging and how does it work?

Follow the steps below to authorise pledge requests on CDSL:

1. A notification from CDSL is sent to the registered email ID and mobile number.

Pledge requests are processed in batches at 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. If a pledge request is created at 11:00 AM, the notification is sent around 2:15 PM. Pledge requests have to be authorized before 7 PM to get the collateral margins on the next trading day.

2. Click on the link in the email/SMS or visit . Enter the PAN number to generate an OTP to authorize the pledge.

Enter the OTP and click on the Submit button to authorize the pledge.

Did you know?

  • Only the shares available in the demat account can be pledged. Shares that are yet to be credited to the demat account cannot be pledged.
  • Holdings can be pledged only if the equity derivatives segment (F&O) is activated. See How do I activate F&O?
  • The margin received from pledging, i.e. collateral margin can be used for trading Equity Intraday, futures & options writing. They cannot be used to purchase shares.
  • Pledge requests are processed only on trading days.
  • The cost of pledging is ₹30 + 18% GST per instrument irrespective of the quantity pledged.