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What is a Statement Of Transaction (SOT), and how to understand it?

The Statement of Transactions (SOT) is a statement that provides a detailed explanation of the movement of securities in the demat account. Shares or units sold from the demat account reflect as a debit (Dr) entry and shares purchased reflect as a credit (Cr) entry. SOT can be downloaded by registering in CDSL easi or creating a ticket below. To learn more about CDSL easi, see What is CDSL easi and how do I register?

How to understand SOT?

Here are all the entries in the SOT:

Particulars Type of transaction Description
ON-DR / SETTLEMENT-DR Debit Debit entry represents the sale or removal of securities from the demat account.
ON-CR / SETTLEMENT-CR Credit Credit entry represents the purchase or addition of securities to the demat account.
OF-CR Off-market credit Credit entry of securities purchased other than the secondary market. Either via IPO issue, or off-market purchase.
OF-DR Off-market debit Debit entry of securities sold/removed other than the secondary market.
CA – Bonus, CA – Listed Bonus Corporate Action Credit transaction on bonus issued.
CA – Extinguishment Corporate Action – Extinguishment of Securities Debit entry for debt securities on maturity. Mostly seen when Non-Convertible Debentures(NCD) are matured.
CA-Split Corporate Action – Stock Split Entries for shares that have been split from a particular face value to another.
INTDEP-DR Inter Depository Debit Debit entry (for shares, MF units removed from the account) between CDSL to NSDL or vice versa.
INTDEP-CR Inter Depository Credit Credit entry for adding or transfer of shares from a different depository.
CA-Lock-in Corporate Action – Lock-In- Units The entry states that units in the demat account have been marked for lock-in and shall remain locked in until the lock-in period is over.
CA-Listed Conversion Corporate Action – Conversion of securities When one asset class converts to another. For example, convertible debenture.
CA-Merger DB Corporate Action – Merger Debits When a company merges with another company.
CA-Listed Merger CR Corporate Action – Credits of the resulting entity Post-merger entry when shares of the listed company are credited.
CA - Rights Entitlement Corporate action - credit on rights issue Series of entries on temporary credit of rights entitlement.
MP: Setp/Acpt/Unpledge Margin Pledge: Setup/Accepted/ Unpledged Margin pledge set up or accepted or unpledged.
EP: IREM/REVL/DR Early Pay-in: Earmark set-up/ Reversal/Debit Set up(IREM) or reversal(REVL) of earmarked securities as early pay-in(EP). Debit(DR) of securities towards early pay-in.
PLEDGE Pledged holdings Securities that are pledged for Margins.
CA-Reinvestment of IDCW Credit Credit of the weekly dividend issued against the Liquidbees held in demat account.