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Can Zerodha provide reports in either softcopy or hardcopy format with a seal and signature?

Yes, create a ticket to receive softcopies of the following reports with seal and signature:

  • Profit and Loss (P&L) report.
  • Tax P&L report.
  • Funds statement (Ledger).
  • Statement of Transaction (SOT).
  • Statement of Holdings (SOH).

The charges for softcopies of reports with seal and signature are as follows:

  • Up to 10 pages, ₹50 +18% GST.
  • Every additional page after the first 10 - ₹5 per page + 18% GST.

For hard copies of the reports, courier charges of ₹100 + 18% GST will be charged additionally.

Kindly state the name and type of report needed in the ticket clearly.

The following reports can be downloaded without seal and signature, without any charges from Console:

To know how to download the SOT and SOH, see What is a statement of transaction (SOT) and how do I interpret the same? and What is the statement of holdings (SOH) and how to interpret the same?