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What is the statement of holdings (SOH) and how to interpret the same?

A statement of holding is a summary of all the securities held in your Demat account on a particular date and gives a bifurcation based on the status of those securities.

You can find the below details in SOH:

Sec Type- informs the type of security where Equity(EQ), Mutual funds(MF), Debt (debt funds), G-sec (govt securities) etc.

ISIN: International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a 12-digit alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies specific security.

Current Balance - is the total balance of securities that are held by you, it can be further subdivided based on their status as free balance, locked in balance, and pledge balance.

Free Balance - is a subdivision of the current balance, states the units of securities that are actually “freely available” for trading. Any sale (debit) transactions are adjusted against this free balance.

Locked In Balance - Subdivision of current balance, states the unit of securities that are under lockin and cannot be freely traded. Pledge/unpledge transactions can be carried out for such locked-in units and no debit transactions can be carried out.

Pledge Setup Balance - is the unit of securities that have been pledged by the client with a broker to get collateral for trading.

Safekeeping Balance - A demat holder can block units of securities not to be sold unless given an instruction to do so. Such units reflect under the safekeeping balance.

Earmarking Balance- units of securities that are designated to the exchange for clearance reflect under earmarking balance.

Re-pledging - when a client pledges securities with a broker, under circumstances the client pledged units can be repledged again by the broker with the exchange these units reflect under re-pledging.

You can download the account statements from CDSL or create a ticket below.