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I want to pledge my shares with an NBFC to avail a loan, how do I do it?

Zerodha Capital, the NBFC arm of Zerodha offers you loans against securities in a few simple steps, online. Click here to know more about Zerodha Capital.

If you wish to avail loan against securities from a different NBFC, offline, then please follow the steps below -

  1. Go to one of these financial institutions and open a loan against securities account. In this context, the financial entity will be the 'pledgee' and the person applying for the loan will be 'pledgor'.
  2. Once you set up your account with the pledgee, you will have to download, print and fill the ' Pledge request form ' (If you need more space when entering details of multiple securities use the pledge annexure ) and send it to the below address.

Zerodha H.O

No.153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,

Opp. Clarence Public School,

J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078

Alternatively, you can e-sign the forms and send them to us by raising a ticket below. Click here for a walkthrough of the process to e-sign documents. To find out your DP ID click here . You can find the ISINs by downloading your holdings report on Console or NSE/BSE websites. The pledgee name, DP ID, Client ID, expiry date and the agreement number will be provided by the financial institution.

Once we receive the form, we will process the pledge within 24-48 hours, and you will receive an acknowledgement (example below). The securities pledged will be moved to the pledgee's demat account and the pledgee will process your OD (loan).

Unpledging of securities

You can get your securities unpledged by requesting the financial entity (pledgee). Download the unpledge request form , fill it up, e-sign the filled unpledge request form and submit it by creating a ticket below. To know how to e-sign your unpledge request form, please go through this article .


Print out the unpledge request form , fill it out completely, and send the filled form to our head office .

Once the financial entity (pledgee) confirms that there are no dues, they will un-pledge the securities and they will transfer it back to your demat account.


  1. Once you pledge your holdings, it will not be visible in the trading terminal until it is unpledged. (you will not be able to sell it either).
  2. The charge for pledging and unpledging securities is Rs. 32/- + GST per ISIN respectively. The charges for pledge invocation is Rs. 20 + GST per ISIN.

If you need help with the pledging process you can raise a ticket below.