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Why am I not able to add funds to my trading account through UPI ?

If you consistently face issues while transferring funds from your current UPI app, please use a different UPI app to transfer funds into your trading account.

If you are trying to add money to your trading account using the UPI option, but the transaction is failing, it could be due to the below reasons - 

  1.  If you've not followed the steps correctly, it is likely the transaction won't go through. You can refer this article for the detailed explanation on how to add funds to your trading account using UPI.
  2. The UPI ID is mapped to a bank account that is not registered/mapped with Zerodha (primary bank account). You will have to transfer funds from the same bank account which you have registered with us.
  3. You have entered your UPI handle incorrectly. You will need to correctly enter your UPI ID, which can be found on the UPI app you are using.
  4. You did not approve the UPI request sent to you before the request timed out. You will have to accept the pull request sent to you, on your UPI app, within five minutes.
  5. You tried to transfer money to Zerodha's UPI ID directly using a UPI app, instead of using the 'add funds' option on Kite or Coin.

The common error codes and their descriptions from NPCI are provided below:

  1. U30 - Debit has failed - Remitter Bank Issue
  2. U69 - Collect Request Expired
  3. U16 - Risk Threshold Exceeded - Limit Exceeded
  4. Z8 - Per Transaction Limit Set by Remitting Member Exceeded 
  5. ZA - Transaction Declined By Customer
  6. ZM - Invalid/Incorrect MPIN
  7. U66 - Device Fingerprint Mismatch
  8. Z9 - Insufficient Funds In Customer (Remitter) Account 
  9. U67 - Debit Timeout
  10. ZE - Transaction Not Permitted To VPA by the PSP
  11. Z6 - Number Of PIN Tries Exceeded 
  12. ZH - Invalid Virtual Address
  13. U28 - PSP Not Available
  14. U18 - Request Authorisation Acknowledgment Is Not Received
  15. UT - Remitter/Issuer Unavailable (Timeout)
  16. U54 - Transaction ID Or Amount In Credential Block Does Not Match With That In Reqpay
  17. ZG - VPA Restricted By Customer
  18. U09 - Reqauth Time Out For Pay
  19. Z7 - Transaction Frequency Limit Exceeded As Set By Remitting Member
  20. XH - Account Does Not Exist
  21. YD - Do Not Honour (BENEFICIARY)
  22. AM - MPIN Not Set By Customer
  23. YE - Remitting Account Blocked/Frozen 
  24. B1 - Registered Mobile Number Linked To The Account Has Been Changed/Removed
  25. BT - Acquirer/Beneficiary Unavailable (Timeout)


  1. Most banks have a daily UPI transaction limit of Rs 1 lac. Some banks can have a lower limit. You will not be able to transfer funds if your daily bank limit has been exhausted.  
  2. From 1st Aug 2018 onwards, If you transfer funds to your trading account between 12 AM & 7:30 AM, it won't reflect on your trading terminal until after 7:30 AM.
  3. You will not be able to add a fractional amount when you are using the payment gateway and UPI.
  4. The number of attempts to add funds restricted in UPI is 35, and Net Banking is 25.