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What is withdrawable balance?

Available balance is the funds that can be used to trade with. Withdrawal balance is the funds that can be withdrawn back to your bank account.  

To know how your withdrawable balance is arrived at, it is important to know that,

Funds from stock holdings sold, and intraday equity profits get added to withdrawal balance after 2 trading days. F&O profits and funds from F&O positions exited will get added to withdrawal balance after 1 trading day. This is because exchanges in India follow a rolling settlement cycle. Check this article for more.


For equity 

Withdrawal balance = (Available balance) - (today’s and yesterday’s stock holding sell value) - (today’s and yesterday's intraday profits) - (today’s F&O profits) - (present day's payin).

For commodity

Withdrawal balance = (Available balance) - (today’s profits) - (present day's payin)

1. Collateral margin received from pledging stocks to trade F&O will not be considered as part of the withdrawal balance.
2. Payins made during the day cannot be withdrawn on the same day. Funds transferred through the payment gateway take up to 24 hours to get settled to our accounts. Funds can be withdrawn after balance reconciliation which can be completed only after one day.