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What is the withdrawable balance?

The amount of money that can be transferred from the Zerodha account to the primary bank account is known as the withdrawable balance. It may differ from the net available funds shown in the funds statement as the funds from equity and F&O trades are not settled instantly. Exchanges require T+1 day to settle funds from selling equities and F&O trades to the Zerodha account before they can be withdrawn. To learn more about settlement cycle, see What does settlement cycle i.e rolling settlement mean?

If the client has traded during the day, their withdrawable balance may change after the market closes because all charges and obligations are updated after the end of the day process between 5 PM and 9 PM. Pledging stocks may also affect the withdrawable balance. To learn more, see How is withdrawable balance calculated after pledging?

Did you know? While the funds deposited to the trading account during the day are available for trading immediately, they can only be withdrawn the next day due to the end-of-the-day settlement and reconciliation processes.