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Where can I track my mutual fund portfolio on the Coin app?

To view, your portfolio/investments click on the 'Investments' tab or click on 'Portfolio' dock on the home page. All your investments will be displayed here. By clicking on the 'Sort' icon on the top right-hand corner of the page, you can sort your portfolio based on the Name of the scheme (plan), Invested amount, Current amount, P&L and P&L %.

By clicking on any of the funds you have invested in, you will be able to see

  1. The 'P&L' in terms of percentage and the amount,
  2. The total invested amount and the current amount
  3. Latest NAV (net asset value)
  4. The number of units you hold
  5. The Average Nav in case you have made multiple investments in the same fund
  6. The redemption time frame for fund
  7. The Folio Number
  8. Transaction history

If you click on transaction history you will be able to see:

  1. Date of allotment
  2. NAV & Units
  3. Duration of holding
  4. Amount invested
  5. P&L