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How to track the mutual fund portfolio on the Coin app?

To track the mutual fund portfolio on the Coin app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Your investments or on Investments on the homepage.
  2. Tap on Sort to sort the portfolio based on Name, Invested amount , Current amount , P&L, P&L % and Scheme type.

Tap on a mutual fund to see:

  1. The P&L, i.e., the profit and loss in terms of amount and percentage.
  2. XIRR . This is used to measure the rate of return over a multi-year period. Read more on Varsity by visiting
  3. The total Invested amount and the Current amount.
  4. The Avg. NAV if there are multiple investments in the same fund.
  5. The number of Units held.
  6. Cur. NAV of a unit of a mutual fund. See What does NAV mean?
  7. The Folio No.

Tap on the context menu button and then on Transaction history to see the following details:

  1. Total units of the number of units held in the mutual fund scheme.
  2. Locked units are the units of a mutual fund that cannot be redeemed for a particular period of time, see What does lock-in period mean?
  3. Free units are the units of the mutual fund that can be redeemed.
  4. Date shows the date of allotment of the fund.
  5. Days shows the duration of holding.
  6. Amount shows the amount invested.
  7. NAV and Units of the mutual fund scheme.
  8. The P&L shows the profit and loss in terms of amount.