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Why am I unable to place a buy order for some mutual funds?

AMCs sometimes suspend lumpsum investments in schemes due to reasons like valuations and size constraints. In such cases, your lumpsum order will be rejected. On Coin, we simulate SIPs, and each SIP instalment is an additional lumpsum investment. Zerodha does this because it helps offer features like instant pause and resuming of SIPs, instant modification and step-up SIPs.

You can create a traditional AMC SIP to invest in such schemes. See, What is the AMC SIP option on Coin web?

Schemes in which lumpsum investments have been suspended ( DOC ):

  • Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
  • SBI Small Cap Fund

Did you know? Features such as instant pause and resume, instant modification and step-up SIPs are disabled for AMC SIPs.