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What is de-materialization and how do I de-materialize my mutual fund investments?

Dematerialization is the process of converting mutual funds in physical form which is represented by a 'statement of account' into a dematerialized form which can be held in your DEMAT account.

Having mutual funds in DEMAT form as its own set of advantages as explained here

The charges for de-materialization is Rs 150 per statement + Rs 100 as courier charges. 

The procedure to de-materialize is as below - 

1. Download the Dematerialization Form (DRF), print out 2 copies, fill it and sign it. Refer this article to know how to fill up the Dematerialization form. For every fund (same or different AMC), you will need to submit 2 copies of DRF. 

2. Along with 2 Copies of the duly filled Dematerialization Form, submit 1 self-attested PAN card copy and self-attested mutual fund statement. (If you want to dematerialize 2 funds, then submit 4 dematerialization forms with your signature, 2 self-attested PAN card copy, 2 self-attested mutual fund statement and so on)

Note: Before you de-materialize your ELSS funds, you will have to stop/pause your SIPs in them. If you don't, further allotments will continue to happen in physical form. 

For ELSS funds you will need to submit 2 duly filled DEMAT forms with one annexure for each mutual fund scrip/SISN/folio wise. We will have to generate a dematerialization request number for each purchase date. Also, the transfer of such funds from one DEMAT to another would not be possible due to a lock-in period. 

3. Submit the documents to our head office address.

4. Once the units are reflecting in your DEMAT account (you will receive a notification via SMS/Email from CDSL), raise a ticket below and enter the details in the format mentioned below :

Name of scheme and units :
Folio no. :
Average Purchase NAV/ Total Investment Amount:

After you have provided the above details, the units will then reflect in your portfolio on Coin. You can make additional investments or redeem it.

1. De-materialized close ended mutual funds will not be shown on your portfolio in Coin or Kite. However, they will be present in your Demat account and you can view them on your holding statement. If you want to redeem close ended mutual funds, you can do so by raising a ticket below.
2.For mutual funds which are in lock-in period(ELSS, etc), dematerialization of each SIP (unique investment will be charged at Rs.150)+ Rs.100 courier charges +18% GST