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How do I convert physical share certificates into Demat form?

Converting physical shares to DEMAT is called, 'Dematerialising of shares'.

You can dematerialise shares traded in the stock market and also companies listed on the depositories as well.

You can demat the physical shares if the share has a company name, face value.

To validate your certificate click here and mention the company name or ISIN as shown in the gif.

To Dematerialize your physical share certificates you'll have to submit the following:-

1.Two copies of the dematerialisation request form (DRF) . This will be applicable for up to 4 share certificates. (The 2 copies of DRF will be applicable for up to 4 share certificates of the same company). To know how to fill the DRF, see How to fill the De-materialization request form?

In case you have more than 4 share certificates, if the certificate No. is in a sequence (1505101,1505102,1505103 etc.), you can submit just 2 DRF forms.

If the share certificates are not in sequence then you will have to submit 2 DRF forms plus the DRF annexure .

If you have share certificates of more than one company, you will have to provide separate sets of DRFs (& DRF annexure if needed) for each company.

2. DRF (Dematerialisation Request form) should be signed in the ‘Signature with DP (as per Zerodha’s records) and Signature with RTA/Issuer’ (as per the company records) fields.(If It is a joint account then both the holders need to sign).

3.If the address has changed then you need to submit old(Dividend warrant/allotment advice) and new address proof (Aadhar/passport copy) self-attested.

4.The original share certificates should be submitted along with the DRFs. (You can keep a photocopy with you)

5.A self-attested copy of your PAN.

Send the above to the below address:-

153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
Bengaluru - 560078

Once you submit the above, the RTA (Registrar And Share Transfer Agent) will take up to 25 days to complete the dematerialization process.


  1. The name on the share certificate should match the name on the Demat account. If there is a name mismatch, you need to submit a Gazette letter or an affidavit on Govt. Stamp paper. If you have shares of more than 1 company then you need to give us the notarized copies of the affidavit/Gazette for all the companies. (The Gazette letter or affidavit should state the name on the demat account and the name on the share certificate should be one and the same)
  2. If the share certificates are held by a single holder , they can't be dematerialised into a Joint demat account. If the share certificates are jointly held , the shares have to be dematerialised into a Joint demat account with the same names as on the share certificate. (In the case the order of names on the holder pattern is different, then you have to follow the transposition procedure )
  3. You will be charged Rs 150 per share certificate + Rs 100 courier charges +18%GST for dematerialisation. Click here to see the tariff sheet.
  4. If the shares that you are trying to dematerialise are part of this pending list on CDSL, you can send these scrips for dematerialisation once the name of the scrip is removed from the list. Additionally, these shares take longer to be dematerialised.
  5. Once the shares are dematerialised the buy average should be updated on console. To update the buy average See Why is the buy average for some shares shown as N/A?

You can send us the soft copy of the documents before dispatching the hard copy so that we can verify and confirm the same. To do so you can create a ticket below.