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How do I modify my SIP?

You can change the frequency and installment amount of the SIP. To do this,

Log in to Coin, click on ‘dashboard’ and then the second tab called ‘SIP & conditional’. Here you will see all the active SIPs and conditional orders you have placed.

Once you do, click on the ‘pencil’ button to edit your SIP.

The order window to edit the frequency and installment amount will open up. You can modify your SIP and click on ‘Update SIP’

Click here to know the procedure to modify your SIP on the Coin app.

Note: The SIP orders will be triggered at 8 AM to the exchange. These orders can be deleted before 8 AM. The cut-off time to transfer funds for such orders has been revised to 11 AM. Please ensure the funds are available in the trading account before the cut-off time.