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Why were the funds not automatically debited as per the Coin SIP schedule?

The SIP must be linked to the mandate to ensure the funds are automatically debited according to the SIP schedule. The debit request won't be generated if the SIP is not linked. However, the funds may not be debited even when the SIP is linked to the mandate in the following cases:

  • Insufficient opening balance: If the opening balance on the transaction (T) day is less than the SIP amount, the SIP will fail. Funds transferred to the bank account on the T day will not be considered. Only the opening balance on the T day is considered for fund transfer.

Example scenario

If a SIP of ₹5,000 is to be executed on April 5th, clients must ensure their bank account has sufficient balance on April 4th. If the opening balance on April 5th is ₹4,000 and enough funds are subsequently transferred to make up the SIP amount, the funds will not be debited, as the opening balance is insufficient.

  • Rejected by the bank: If there is a sufficient opening balance in the bank account, but the fund transfer still gets rejected, clients are requested to contact their banks for further clarification.