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How do I pledge my shares to get collateral margin?

Visit the holdings page on Console. In the holdings table, hover the cursor on the stock you want to pledge and click on 'options' and select pledge for margins.

Once you do, you will get a pop-up, which will show how much margins you will be eligible for. If you have pledged before 4 pm, the collateral margin will be available for the next trading session. If pledged after 4 pm it will be processed the next day i.e will be available on the day after.

We process pledge requests only on days when the Equity markets are open.

The cost of pledging will be ₹60 + GST irrespective of the quantity pledged.

To see the list of scrips on which pledging is allowed and the haircut % on them - click here.

You can cancel your pledge request as long as its not processed - (refer to the following images)


1. You will only be able to pledge shares already in your demat account. The pledge option will not be not available for T1 holdings.
2. Pledging using the Online DIS Consent has a limit of 2 Lakhs per scrip and 10 Lakhs overall per day.