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What is a Bonus issue?

A bonus issue is the distribution of free shares by the company to the existing shareholders. A company may decide to distribute additional shares as an alternative to dividend payout. In a bonus issue, the number of shares increases, but the value of the investment remains the same.

Example scenario

Mr A holds 100 shares of a company at ₹10 each. If that company announces a 2:1 bonus, that is, for every one share, the shareholder will receive two shares for free, Mr A will receive 200 shares for the 100 shares held in the demat account, and Mr A's total holdings will be 300 shares. However, the investment value will remain the same.

  • Value of investment before Bonus issue: 100 × ₹10 = ₹1000
  • Value of investment after Bonus issue: 300 × ₹3.33(300/1000) = ₹1000

Shares must be purchased before the ex-date to be eligible for a bonus. To learn more, see Why are the bonus shares not in my holdings even though the price of the stock has reduced? and What impact will a bonus issue have on my equity holdings and F&O positions?

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