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Why are GTTs disabled, cancelled, expired, or rejected?

GTTs may be disabled, cancelled, expired, or rejected for the following reasons:


Cancelled or Rejected


  • If the derivative contract has expired and the contract is no longer valid.
  • For equity, the GTT is valid for a year. If it fails to trigger, it expires.

A fresh GTT order must be placed in case the GTT has been disabled or expired.

Did you know?

  • The validity of a GTT (Good Till Triggered) for the equity segment is one year from the placement date. After one year, the GTT will be automatically cancelled, but it can be re-created if necessary.
  • One account can have a maximum of 250 active GTTs simultaneously.
  • An email notification is sent whenever a GTT is triggered, expired or if an order is placed on the exchange. Before placing a GTT, please review the terms and conditions by visiting