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If stocks of a company have been held that issued dividends, how and when will the dividends be received?

In order to qualify for dividends, shareholders must hold the stock in their demat account on the ex-date/record date of the dividend issue. The stock purchase should be made at least one day before the ex-date/record date to ensure delivery of the stocks into the demat account by the record date. To learn more, see What does record date and ex-date mean?

If the shareholder is eligible, dividend payments are typically credited directly to the primary bank account linked to the Zerodha account on the dividend payment date, which usually falls between 30 to 45 days after the ex-date/record date. To learn more, see How to track the dividends of the stock holdings?

If a shareholder hasn't received the dividends in spite of being eligible for it, see Why are dividends not credited and what should shareholders do in order to get them?

Did you know? If the dividend credit is unsuccessful for any reason, the company's RTA will issue a dividend warrant and courier it to the investor's registered postal address. The investor can deposit the warrant into their bank account and encash it.