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What is the difference between holdings and positions?

The holdings tab shows you a tally of securities(stocks, ETFs, bonds etc.) in your Demat account. The positions tab, on the other hand, shows you any open positions you have taken in intraday or the derivatives segment.

The positions and holdings tab values differ based on whether you are viewing these on Kite or Console. The difference is explained below.

On Kite

The holdings tab shows you a tally of securities in your Demat account. Shares purchased will show up under the Holdings tab from T+1 (trade day +1) day.

The positions tab shows you open positions for intraday, derivatives, and delivery trades for the day.

On Console

The holdings report in Console shows you a tally of securities held in your portfolio on a particular date. You can also check the holdings report historically.

The positions report in Console shows you the positions you have taken on a particular date in the derivatives segment.


  1. All shares on the day you buy or sell using CNC product type (for delivery) will show up on the positions tab and is standard procedure. This feature allows traders to make intraday trades using their stocks from holdings and help track their intraday P&L.
  2. The holdings and positions data on Kite is updated on a real-time basis, whereas the same is updated at the end of the day on Console.