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What are takeovers?

A takeover is a corporate action where one company (the acquirer) aims to gain control of another (the target). This is often done through a tender offer, where the acquirer proposes a fixed price to buy shares from the target company's shareholders. To learn how to apply for a takeover, see How to apply for buybacks, takeovers and delistings at Zerodha?

The charge for applying for a takeover is ₹20 + 18% GST per order. These charges are non-refundable regardless of whether the order is accepted, rejected, or failed. If multiple orders are placed, charges apply to each order. Statutory charges are also applicable. To learn more about charges, see What are the various statutory charges like stamp duty and taxes etc.?

Did you know?

  • Shareholders are eligible for all corporate action benefits, including takeovers. If such shares are pledged, they must be unpledged before tendering them in a takeover offer.
  • All the current and upcoming corporate actions can be tracked on this list (DOC).