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Why was the GTT order triggered but not executed?

The GTT order gets triggered but does not execute in the following scenarios:

  • The Last Traded Price (LTP) did not match the limit price. Entering the price above the trigger price in buy GTT and below the trigger price in sell GTT increases the chance of execution.
  • If the GTT sell order is not pre-authorised for a non-POA/DDPI account. To learn more, see What is the CDSL TPIN and how to use it to sell the stock holdings?
  • If there are insufficient funds in the Zerodha account.
  • There is no volume for the instrument, i.e., no buyers or sellers.
  • The limit price exceeds the price bands for the day. To learn more, see What are circuit limits or price bands?

If the order is not visible in the order book, please check the rejection reason in the email, as Zerodha notifies through a push notification and an email whenever a GTT order gets rejected.