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Why was the sell Good Till Triggered (GTT) order rejected?

The GTT order can get rejected for the following reasons:

  • If the sell GTT order is not authorised using CDSL TPIN: The sell GTTs need to be pre-authorised using CDSL TPIN if the account is opened without submitting the physical POA or DDPI see What is the CDSL TPIN and how do I use it to sell my stock holdings?. The authorisations are valid for only 1 day and the fresh authorisation must be made every trading day after 8 AM since holdings are updated on Kite by this time.

  • If there are not enough holdings in the demat account: When GTT is triggered a limit order is placed on the exchange, the order will get rejected if there aren't enough holdings of the share in the demat account.

  • If the share has gone through a series change, or the share is suspended: GTTs are rejected if shares go through a series change see What do the different groups on NSE and BSE mean? , Or suspended see What does suspension of trading in a stock mean?
  • If the segment is disabled using Kill switch: GTT orders triggered are rejected if the segment is disabled, to know more about kill switch see What is Kill Switch?

Did you know?

  • GTT is valid for 1 year for the equity segment from when it is placed. It will be cancelled at the end of the 1 year and can be re-created if required.
  • A maximum of 100 active GTTs is allowed at a time for one account.
  • An email is sent every time GTT is triggered and an order is placed on the exchange, check the terms and conditions before placing a GTT by visiting