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What is the CDSL TPIN and how to use it to sell the stock holdings?

Clients do not have to enter the CDSL T-PIN and OTP to sell shares if they submit DDPI. To learn more about DDPI, see What is Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI), and how to activate it online and offline?

As per the CDSL regulation, non-DDPI/POA customers must utilize the CDSL TPIN and OTP to authorize the debit of securities from their demat account for delivery sale transactions. With a CDSL TPIN, clients can pre-authorize the sale of their stocks at the beginning of each trading day, eliminating the need to do it for every delivery sell order placed during the day.

The CDSL TPIN would have been sent to clients via email from [email protected] and to their registered phone number. If, for any reason, they cannot locate or have forgotten the TPIN, it is possible to generate it again. To learn more, see How to generate the CDSL TPIN required to authorise the CNC sell transactions?

To sell an instrument by authorising it through CDSL TPIN, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Holdings.
  2. Tap on an instrument and place a sell order.
  3. Tap on Continue on the Authorisation window.
  4. Select all the instruments or a particular instrument and quantity to authorise by tapping on the box beside the name of the instrument. This authorisation is valid for a maximum of one day.
  5. Tap on Continue to CDSL.
  6. Enter the TPIN and tap on Verify.
  7. Enter the OTP received on the registered number and email, and tap on Verify .
  8. Place a sell order again.

Did you know? A maximum of 100 scrips can be authorised at once.