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What are trade to trade stocks?

Trade to trade stocks aren’t allowed to be traded intraday. If a stock is purchased it can only be sold after the T+2 settlement happens. If you try selling the shares the same day, or before the shares are in your DEMAT account, your order will be rejected.

If you have a 'trade to trade' stock in your holding and you sell it, but buy it back it on the same day, the stocks will not be visible in your holdings till after the settlement (T+2 days).

The following series on NSE and BSE are trading to trade stocks:

  • 'BE' series on NSE
  • 'BT' series on NSE
  • 'BZ' series on NSE
  • 'T' group on BSE
  • 'XT' group on BSE
  • 'Z' group on BSE
Also, refer this article for more information on the different groups of stocks. The series in which the stock is currently trading in can be found on the NSE & Website. (as highlighted in the images below)