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When can bids be placed for SDLs, T-bills, government bonds, and SGBs?

For a video walkthrough on government securities, see What are Government bonds and how to invest in them?

Bids for various securities follow specific timelines:

  • SDLs (State Development Loans): The bidding window opens on Monday and closes on the same day.
  • T-bills (Treasury Bills): The bidding window opens on Monday and closes on Tuesday.
  • Government Bonds (Gsec): The bidding window opens on Tuesday and closes on Thursday.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs): The bidding window to apply fresh SGBs will be visible once the issue is open and closes on the final day of the subscription period.

The bidding are open on the following days:

Type of security Duration
SDL Opens by 10:00 AM on Monday and closes by 6:00 PM on Monday
T-bill Opens by 10:00 AM on Monday and closes by 6:00 PM on Tuesday
Government bond Opens by 12:00 PM on Tuesday and closes by 8:00 PM on Thursday
SGBs Opens on Monday by 6:00 AM and closes by 3:30 PM on Friday.

The above mentioned durations may change subject to exchange timings and trading holidays.

To view the upcoming schedules for SDL, T-bills and G-secs, see Where can the SDL, T-bills and G-secs schedule be viewed?

Did you know? If the auction settlement day falls on a holiday, the cut-off time will be moved to the previous trading day.