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How to add instruments to the marketwatch?

To add instruments to the marketwatch, follow these steps:

  • Stocks: To add stocks such as Reliance to the marketwatch, type Reliance and click on +.
  • Index: To add Nifty indices such as Nifty 50, Banknifty or Nifty Financial Services type Index followed by the name of the index. To add Nifty Financial Services, type Index Nifty Fin Service and click on +.
  • Futures contract: Search the trading symbol followed by a space and then the month followed by Fut. To add the September futures contract of Bank nifty, type BankNifty Sep Fut and click on +.
  • Options contract: Search the trading symbol followed by a space and then the strike price followed by CE or PE. The strike price of the weekly and monthly options is displayed. To add Nifty's first week of September 17000 call option contract, type Nifty 17000 CE and click on +.

The last weekly contract in a month will not have the date of expiry as it is a monthly contract. It will include the name of the month and the strike price. For example, Nifty's September monthly contract will be mentioned as Nifty September 16000 CE, which will also be the last weekly contract of September.

To remove the expired contracts or suspended instruments from the marketwatch, rearrange the instruments or add a new instrument to the marketwatch.

Kite only displays the strikes that are currently trading on the exchange. The list of allowed strikes can be viewed in the option chain. To learn more, see How to view the option chain of F&O contracts on Kite?