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Why does the LTP under holdings not match with the Marketwatch?

There are two major stock exchanges in India: the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Stocks held in a demat account are not associated with any specific exchange. They can be bought or sold on any exchange. When selling stocks, individuals have the flexibility to choose the exchange where the price is higher, regardless of the exchange from which the stocks were originally purchased.

On Kite, the stock holdings display the Last Traded Price (LTP) from the exchange where the previous closing price is higher for the stock. However, an option on the order window allows for switching between exchanges while placing an order.

This means that a buyer on one exchange may offer a higher price for a stock compared to a buyer on the other exchange. Consequently, stocks can be sold on the exchange, offering a higher price for the holdings.

The LTP shown on the holdings may not match the LTP on the Market watch. This can occur if the stock was added to the market watch from NSE, but the LTP displayed in the holdings is based on the quote from BSE (if the price was higher on BSE), or vice versa.