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Why is there a difference in the LTP on the marketwatch and the chart?

When using Heiken Ashi (HA) charts, there is a notable difference compared to candle charts. While they may appear similar, HA charts have different behavior. In a candle chart, the Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) values represent the actual values for that time period. However, in a Heiken Ashi chart, the OHLC values are calculated as follows:

  • HA-Close = (Open(0) + High(0) + Low(0) + Close(0)) / 4
  • HA-Open = (HA-Open(-1) + HA-Close(-1)) / 2
  • HA-High = Maximum value among High(0), HA-Open(0), or HA-Close(0)
  • HA-Low = Minimum value among Low(0), HA-Open(0), or HA-Close(0)

Since the price shown on the Heiken-Ashi charts are different from the LTP, the trade from charts feature isn't available for Heiken-Ashi charts.

How to revert this?

To revert, switch from the Heiken Ashi chart to the candlestick chart, follow the steps below:

In TradingView

  1. Click on the Candlestick symbol.
  2. Click on Candles.

In ChartIQ

  1. Click on Display.
  2. Click on Candle.