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Why do two charts of the same timeframe look different on the same platform?

The reason two charts of the same timeframe may appear different on the same platform is due to the way the charts are formed. A chart is created by plotting various price points on a graph, which are derived from live server data, specifically from the market watch ticks. However, when a chart is opened midway, it is plotted using data points that are already stored on the data server. This can lead to a slight disparity in how the chart appears.

The difference arises because the broadcast of live ticks and the number of stored ticks per second may not be exactly the same. When viewing the live chart, there might be 4 or 5 price points used to plot the graph. However, when opening a new chart, it may form from price points retrieved from the data server, which might have recorded only 1 tick within the same timeframe. This variation in the number of price points used for plotting can contribute to the differences observed between two charts of the same timeframe on the same platform.