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What is the market depth screen and how do I view it?

The market depth screen is where you can see the best 5 bids and offers/asks for a particular instrument.

Mouse over the scrip on the MarketWatch or select and hit D to open the market depth. Multiple market depth windows can be opened at the same time. The dynamic market depth bars give you a visual overview of what levels most orders are being placed and you can place an order at any price in the depth with a click on it.

  • Qty indicates the quantity available for buying/selling at a particular price
  • Orders indicate the number of orders pending at that particular price on the exchange
  • O: Open price for the day
  • H: Highest price for the day
  • L: Lowest price for the day
  • C: Closing price of the previous day
  • LTT: Last Traded time
  • Expiry: For Derivative contracts
  • OI: Open Interest
  • OI Day High
  • OI Day Low