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What is market depth and how do I view it?

Market depth shows the best 5 bids and offers and additional data points like Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC), volume, circuit limits and the price of stocks and F&O contracts.

How to view market depth?

Hover on an instrument in the watchlist and click on the market depth icon. Alternatively, select the instrument and hit D on the keyboard.

Did you know?

Zerodha is the only broker that offers 20 market depth or level 3 data with the best 20 bids and offers. See What is the 20 market depth feature, and how do I view it?

What details are available in market depth?

The following details are shown:

  • Qty: Indicates the quantity available for buying/selling at a particular price. You can place orders directly from the market depth by clicking on a particular price.
  • Orders: Indicates the number of orders pending at that particular price on the exchange.
  • O: Open price for the day.
  • H: Highest price for the day.
  • L: Lowest price for the day.
  • C: Closing price of the previous day.
  • LTT: Last Traded time.
  • LTQ: Last Traded Quantity.
  • Expiry: For F&O contracts.
  • Total Bids and Offers (asks) quantity.
  • OI: Open Interest (OI) for F&O contracts is streamed live by the exchange, but the intraday live OI data may be delayed because all intraday open positions, through custodians, are finalized at the exchanges only by the end of the day. See Is the live open interest(OI) data being provided by exchanges correct
  • Spot price For F&O contracts.