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How to filter a particular scrip on Kite order-book, positions & holdings?

On Kite, you can filter and sort the scrips in your order-book, positions & holdings.

Sorting - 

In the order-book, you can sort your orders by -

  1. Time
  2. Order Type
  3. Scrip Name
  4. Product Type (NRML/MIS/BO/CO)
  5. Quantity 
  6. LTP
  7. Order Price
  8. Order Status
Click on the header of each of the columns to sort. The same applies to 'Executed orders' as well.

You can sort Positions on Kite by -

  1. Product 
  2. Scrip Name 
  3. Quantity
  4. The average price at which the position was entered
  5. Last traded price
  6. P&L
  7. % Change
* Exited positions will be greyed out making it easier to recognise.

You can sort Holdings on Kite by - 

  1. Instrument 
  2. Quantity
  3. Avg. cost 
  4. Last traded price
  5. Current value
  6. P&L 
  7. Net change &
  8. Day change %

You can also filter your holdings to view only your Smallcase holdings or Mutual fund investments, by selecting from the drop-down next to the 'Holdings' header as shown in the image below - 

Search & Filter - 

In your Kite Order-book, Positions you can also, filter by searching, by typing the scrip name in the 'Search field' near the column header as shown below -

You can search and filter by typing in - 

- The scrip name
- Product type (CNC/MIS/BO/CO)
- Buy/Sell
- Order Status