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How to search for a mutual fund scheme on the Coin app?

To search for a mutual fund scheme, tap on the search bar under Explore and type the name of the mutual fund scheme or the ISIN of the scheme.

Coin app also has the option to search or filter for funds based on the following:

  • AMC: Asset Management Company to choose from (Axis Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, DSP Mutual Fund,etc.).
  • Category: Debt, Equity, Hybrid etc.
  • Subcategory: This depends on the category chosen. For equity, the subcategories will be Large Cap, Mid Cap, ELSS, Small Cap, etc.
  • Plan: Growth, IDCW Payout, IDCW Annual, etc). To know more about IDCW, see What does IDCW on Coin mean?
  • AUM: AUM is the current market value of the total investments in a scheme.
  • Minimum Investment: 0 to ₹10,000.
  • Expense Ratio: See What does Expense ratio mean?
  • CAGR: See What does CAGR mean?

To use the filtered search, tap on the filter symbol, select the required filter and tap on Apply .