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Why is the LTP on Kite different from NSE for my option contract/option chain?

The price you see for an option contract on the NSE website is the exact last traded price (LTP) of the contract. If there is no trade on the option contract on a particular trading day, the LTP of options on Kite might show the previous day’s settlement price of the contract. This usually happens in contracts where no trades have taken place (illiquid contracts). The prices do not match until there is a trade on the contract on the particular trading day.

For illiquid contracts, if there are no trades in the last 30 minutes of the trading session, the exchange will provide a theoretical settlement price. The Settlement Price is updated in place of LTP once we receive the BHAVCOPY (which is a daily report with OHLC data, traded value, qty, OI, etc.) from NSE. This process usually takes place the next morning.

Here’s an example, Kite displays the settlement price. However, the Option chain on NSE shows the Last Traded price.

On Kite: