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Why was the order cancelled with the reason "Pending order was cancelled by the exchange at the end of the trading session"?

Unmatched pending orders on BSE are automatically cancelled at the market close, resulting in orders being cancelled with the reason Pending order was cancelled by the exchange at the end of the trading session. To learn more about market timings, see What are the market timings?

The validity of an unmatched order extends until the market closes. Therefore, all unmatched orders will be cancelled according to the specified times mentioned below in their respective segments.

Segment Timings
Equity 04:00 PM
Currency 05:00 PM
Commodities 11:45 PM

If any orders placed by the client are not matched on the exchange, meaning they are not executed, the exchange will cancel all pending orders after the market closes. In such cases, the client will need to place their order again for the next trading session. To conveniently place orders for the next trading day, the client can use After Market Order (AMO). Alternatively, if the client desires to place an order with extended validity, they can opt for a GTT (Good Till Triggered) order. To learn more about AMO and GTT, see What is an AMO and how to place it? and How to use the Good Till Triggered (GTT) feature?