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Does Zerodha support the Pi trading platform?

We stopped providing support for the Pi platform for the past 12 months and have now completely phased it out. Pi is not an in-house Zerodha platform and since the software updates on Pi were dependent on a third-party vendor, the development was slow and not optimal.

All our clients use the Zerodha Kite application which is a web-based platform but can also be turned into a browser-based desktop app . Click here to check out all the features available on Kite. You can use the Streak platform with Kite that allows you to create, backtest and deploy algorithms without any programming knowledge. Check out this page for the list of all products you can use with your Zerodha account.

Here are a few other features which are exclusively available on Kite:

  1. 20 Depth Market Data
  2. Good Till Trigger (GTT) orders
  3. Stock SIPs
  4. Basket Orders
  5. Margin on Order windows
  6. Kite provides both Trading View and Chart IQ charts.