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What are the risks of trading Futures and Options (F&O)?

Futures and options (F&O) are complex and leveraged financial instruments that can lead to permanent loss of capital if traded without understanding the risks.

Common risks of F&O trading include:

  • F&O orders can be executed partially or with significant price differences due to liquidity and market volatility.
  • Due to a large difference in the buying and the selling price, orders can be executed at prices far from the Last Traded Price (LTP), increasing impact costs. Here’s an example:

    The contract above is illiquid. Placing a market buy order for 100 shares based on the LTP will result in the order being executed at the price of ₹19.85. In this case, the difference of ₹10.8 is the impact cost. Impact costs can be reduced using Iceberg orders. To learn about more impact costs and Iceberg orders, see What are Iceberg orders, and how to use them?

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When an account is opened, a copy of the RDD is sent to the registered email address. The Risk Disclosure Document (RDD) contains important information concerning risks that all investors, whether individual, non-individual, retail or institutional, take while trading or investing in any capital market instrument in all situations. To learn more, see What is Risk Disclosure Document (RDD) & Equity & Commodity Annexure Documents?