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Where can the list of approved securities be found for SLB?

The list of approved securities for SLB can be found here (Approved list). The approved list of securities is segregated into Series A and B. They are explained below:

Series B

  • Contracts can be rolled over for the next 11 months. Rollover refers to exiting the current month's contract closer to the expiry and extending to any available trading month + 11th month's contract to continue holding the position. For example, if the customer transacted in the Jan contract and wants to extend the position to the Feb contract, this can be done by rolling over. A confirmation email must be sent to [email protected] before the F&O expiry date, i.e., the last Thursday of the month before 4:00 PM, to roll over the contract.
  • In case of corporate action like rights issue, bonus and buyback, the contract will be foreclosed, and shares will be credited back to the lender after deducting the lending fees proportionally for the days the contract was open. For example: On Jan 7th, say ABC shares for the Feb contract are borrowed. ABC announces a bonus issue on 15th Jan, the contract will be foreclosed, and the shares will be returned by Jan 15th. In case of corporate action like dividends, stock splits, or Annual General Meeting (AGM), the contract shall continue to trade.

Series A

Due to illiquidity and foreclosures of SLB contracts arising from corporate action, Zerodha doesn’t allow orders on Series A.

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