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How to check live quotes and place orders for SLB?

The live prices of eligible securities can be checked by visiting All orders are currently placed only via offline mode. To place the order, create a ticket and mention the following details:

  • Security: Name of the security being lent or borrowed.
  • Rate: Price at which the security is lent or borrowed.
  • Quantity: Number of shares to be lent or borrowed.
  • Series - Expiry month: Contract expiry month.
  • Select the security if it is a lending order.

For placing orders for multiple securities, please attach a word document or an excel file while creating the ticket mentioning the name of the security, quantity, rate and series.

Did you know?

  • Orders can be placed between 9 AM - 5 PM.
  • The orders can be verified on the Exchange's website. To learn more, see How to check all the trades placed with the broker on the exchange?
  • A trade confirmation memo will be e-mailed to the registered email ID on the same day of the trade.
  • Tenure of lending and borrowing is up to a period of 12 months.
  • The First Thursday of the contract month is the expiry date for the contract.
  • For lenders, shares are debited on the same day when the order is executed, and the lending fee is credited by the end of the day. For borrowers, the borrowed shares will be visible on Kite on T+2 day, and the margins are blocked on the same day of executing the order.

Need help? Please create a ticket.