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How do I fill up the IL&FS closure form?

  • Enter the date as on filling the form in the 'Date' field.
  • Write your name in the 'Sole/first holder' - if yours is a joint account enter the name of all joint holders as well
  • Write the reason as 'Closure cum transfer to Zerodha'

  • In the client ID field enter your client ID/beneficiary ID as seen on the Console profile page - Refer this article to know how to find it.
  • If you have no holdings in your IL&FS DEMAT account select 'Option A'
  • If you have holdings in your IL&FS DEMAT which you'd like to transfer¬†to your Zerodha DEMAT which will be opened - tick on 'Option B'
  • Sign in the Sole/First holder field - if yours is a joint account - the joint holders must sign as well
  • Ignore the acknowledgement part of the form.