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How do I open a commodity account?

You can open a commodity account by enabling the commodity segment from Console after your Zerodha account is opened.

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the commodity segment.

  1. Log in to Console .
  2. Under the commodity segment, click on the Activate segment button. (Alternatively, you can also click on Account > Segments).
  3. Click on the Commodity account button and then Continue.
  4. From the dropdown, select the income range, Trading experience & Commodity trade classification.
  5. Attach the income proof and if the file is password-protected, please provide the password under the “File password tab”.

Following documents are considered valid income proof documents, you can choose to provide any one of the following.

  1. Bank statement for the last 6 months with an average balance of more than ₹10,000. (Statement must be in the name of the Zerodha account holder.)
  2. The latest salary slip with gross monthly income exceeding ₹15,000.
  3. ITR acknowledgement with gross annual income exceeding ₹1,20,000.
  4. Form 16 with gross annual income exceeding ₹1,20,000.
  5. Certificate of net worth more than ₹10,00,000.
  6. Statement of Demat holdings with current holdings value exceeding ₹10,000.

Please see the following GIF for a better understanding.

  1. You'll be redirected to e-sign the document via Digio and NSDL. Click on Proceed to e-sign > Sign now.
  2. On the NSDL page, enter your Aadhaar number (linked to your mobile number) and validate the OTP.
  3. Your commodity account will be activated within 48 hours, post the OTP verification.

Zerodha will charge ₹100 (as a ledger debit) to enable the commodity segment if you opt to enable the same.

If you get an error "Failed to esign" while trying to enable the commodity segment from the Kite app, please log in to from the Google Chrome browser and retry the process.

A commodity account can only be opened through an offline process if a client is an existing Zerodha account holder but does not have their mobile number linked to Aadhaar or if the client is an NRI (Non-resident individual). In such a case, the client needs to download the ' Commodity trading ' form, print it, fill it and sign it along with your proof of income mentioned above and send it to:

153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
Bengaluru - 560078

You will be charged ₹ 200/- for opening your commodity account offline & once the forms are received at our office, the commodity segment will be activated in 48 hours.


  1. It takes up to 48 hours to activate the commodity segment if everything is in place.
  2. If you have paid for the commodity segment earlier but not enabled the same or signed up for the commodity segment, you will not be charged for enabling the same via Console.