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Why have I received an email from CSDL saying that my UCC is delinked from my Demat account?

You might have received this email from CDSL saying “CDSL-UCC is delinked from your Demat account ending with XXXX9999. In case the same is not given by you, you may contact your DP.”

The reason for this email is as follows:


SEBI, which is the regulatory body for securities and commodity markets in India, has issued a circular that requires a mapping of the UCC (your Unique Client ID , with which a client opens an account with a Broker) and the Demat account number (also called the BO ID ). The purpose of this mapping is to have systematic checks in place by the regulator (SEBI).

For example, if a client sells shares, the regulator needs this mapping in place to check if the shares are debited from the same client's Demat account or not, or, if a client has bought shares, the Regulator verifies if the Broker has credited shares to the right Demat account using this mapping.

This mapping happens between the following aspects of the account:

UCC - Demat account - Trading Member ID (Broker ID) - Clearing Member ID - Segments

Hence, if you have opened a Zerodha trading and Demat account, here’s how the mapping happens on the back-end (backend of Exchange {NSE/BSE} + Depository {CDSL} Clearing Corporation {NCL}):

Your Zerodha Client ID is mapped with your:

  1. Zerodha Demat Account Number
  2. Zerodha's Trading Member ID (with Exchange)
  3. Zerodha's Clearing Member ID (With Clearing Corporation)
  4. Segments that are enabled in your account (NSE, BSE, NFO, CDS, etc.)

Now, if you open a trading account with another broker, the UCC allotted to you from the other broker also gets mapped to the Zerodha Demat account.

In short, you have to remember that all your Client IDs (with different brokers) get mapped to all the Demat accounts that you have opened.

Let’s say you have 5 different trading accounts (including Zerodha) with 5 stockbrokers; your Demat account at Zerodha will be mapped to 5 different Unique Client Codes.

What exactly is the case in this email?

The mapping between the UCC and Demat account changes based on the status of the UCC. This means, if a Broker changes the status of the UCC from ‘Active’ to 'Inactive' or 'Closed', the UCC to Demat linking gets unmapped (or de-linked).

  1. In your case, one of the other brokers that you have an account with has changed the status of your Client ID from Active to Inactive at their end. The email will indicate your client code of the Broker where the status change has happened.
  2. Since there is a change in status, the UCC would have been delinked from the Zerodha Demat account.
  3. Because there is a change in the Demat account, CDSL has notified the client of the same.

Once these changes are made, you will receive an email from CDSL the next day informing you about the changes made on the CDSL system.

Here is a screenshot of the email you would have received the next day.

V stands for Verified .

D stands for Delinked .

Hence, you can ignore this email, and this does not have any effect on your trading activity with Zerodha.