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How can shares be claimed if a nominee was not appointed and the funds and holdings are worth more than ₹15 lakhs?

If the deceased’s account has holdings and funds worth more than ₹15 lakhs, the following documents must be submitted by the applicant to notify and claim the shares:

  • Transmission Form 7.1 (PDF).
  • Annexure 1 (PDF).
  • Death certificate of the deceased holder. Original/notarised/attested by a gazetted officer.
  • Self-attested copy of the PAN of the successor/legal heir/applicant/deponent/claimant.
  • A personalised cancelled cheque or a bank statement/passbook not older than 3 months of successor(s)/Legal heirs(s). (Only applicable if the deceased bank account has a positive balance)
  • CMR hard copy of the successor/legal heir/applicant/deponent/claimant with the DP seal and signature. If the account is with Zerodha, then a CMR is not required.
  • Each applicant/deponent/claimant must provide a separate affidavit (PDF) with the signatures of all the legal heirs on a stamp paper valued at ₹1,000. The successor/legal heir/applicant/deponent/claimant is the 1st party, and Zerodha Broking LTD would be the 2nd party.
  • Anyone of the following:
    • Succession certificate.
    • Letter of administration.
    • The probate of the will.
    • Will and Bond of Indemnity (PDF) from the applicant.
    • Court decree.
    • Legal heir certificate, Bond of Indemnity (PDF) from the applicant and NOC (PDF) from all the non-applicants. In the BOI, the successor/legal heir/applicant/deponent/claimant is the 1st party, and Zerodha Broking LTD would be the 2nd party. In the NOC, the non-applicants are the 1st party, and Zerodha Broking LTD would be the 2nd party.

Courier the documents to:

153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
Bengaluru - 560078

Did you know?

  • Once Zerodha receives the valid documents, the transmission process will be completed within 7 days.
  • Lock-in shares will only be moved to the successor CDSL demat accounts.
  • Zerodha fetches the KYC of the clients as per SEBI's requirements.
  • If available on the government portal, a photocopy or soft copy of the digital death certificate will be considered.
  • A photocopy of the death certificate can be considered if it is available on the government website. Clients can share the government link where the death certificate can be viewed or downloaded by creating a ticket.
  • The credit fund balance of the deceased will be transferred to the successor or nominee’s bank account mentioned in the CMR.
    If the deceased has a debit balance, the successor/nominee must provide a cheque in the name of Zerodha Broking Ltd.
  • The deceased name should match CMR and death certificate. If not, submit a name mismatch notarised affidavit.
  • The successor/nominee's name should match the CMR. If not, submit the name mismatch notarised affidavit.
  • If the nominee/successor/legal heir is a minor, provide a guardian certificate to consider the guardian's signature in the form. A guardian certificate is not required if a minor has an account with Zerodha.