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What is 'support code' that is required when I call Zerodha Support and why do I need it?

Telephone code is now called support code to avoid confusion with your Kite PIN.

Your support code is your personal identification for placing orders through our Call & Trade desk and for raising support queries. 

The support code authenticates your identity and provides your account information to our support representative, which allows us to provide faster support.

You can now reset your support code through Console under Profile (You can login to Console using your Kite login ID and password).

You are required to enter the support code in the IVR to connect to a Support agent when you are calling from your registered phone number. 

To view your support code on Kite mobile, go to Account > Profile >Detailed Profile as shown below:

Note: If you are calling from any other number, you need to enter your registered phone number followed by your support code. For example, If your phone number is 9831234567 and support code is 0007, you need to enter 98312345670007 in the IVR.