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How do PIS account holders pay Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) and Depository Participant (DP) charges?

PIS account holders must pay Account Maintenance Charges (AMC), Depository Participant (DP) charges, and Smallcase charges by transferring funds from their registered NRE or NRO savings bank account to Zerodha through NEFT or IMPS. Funds in the PIS account cannot be used as the settlement for such charges does not come under the purview of the PIS regulations.

To know the Zerodha bank account details, see How to transfer money to my Zerodha account using IMPS,NEFT or RTGS? The funds will be updated in the account within 24 working hours. If they are not, create a ticket along with the bank statement showing the debit transaction.

Clients must ensure that there are no outstanding dues. The due AMC and DP charges can be viewed on the funds statement. To learn how to view the funds statement, see How to view or download the funds statement?

The contract note does not display AMC, DP charges, etc. To learn more about AMC and DP charges, see What is Account Maintenance Charge (AMC)? and What does Depository Participant (DP) charge mean?