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Which are the forms required to open a Zerodha trading and demat account, in the offline mode?

You need the following list of forms (print and sign) to open your Zerodha account -

  1. Application Form: Trading Account & Demat Account - Equity Segment (If it is not e-signed online)
  2. Application Form: Commodity segment - If you want to opt for the Commodity segment(If it is not e-signed online)
  3. Nomination Form - (In case you have opened your account online and would like to add a nominee to your trading and DEMAT account)
  4. Power of Attorney (POA) (PDF) . This is optional, see What is Power of Attorney (POA), and why is it needed?


  1. You cannot opt for a Commodity account only, you need to send a trading and DEMAT application along with the Commodity application or you should have an existing Trading and Demat account with Zerodha. Refer here
  2. Previously, we required you to sign and courier us the POA (Power of Attorney) document which is required to sell stocks/mutual funds from your Demat account. This is optional now. Now, you will be able to place delivery sell instructions by using the CDSL TPIN .