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I'm an existing account holder at Zerodha, can I open an account for a family member or friend using my phone number, email?

No, unfortunately, this won’t be possible. Your mobile number and email address cannot be used to open someone else's trading and DEMAT account.

Please refer to these circulars from NSE and MCX in this regard.

However, if you're an existing account holder at Zerodha, and you want to open a Non-individual account , i.e. HUF, Partnership or Corporate accounts. In that case, you need not provide a separate email and phone number, i.e. you can give a number, email which is associated with another account at Zerodha.

Please note that online account opening of non-individual accounts is not possible. To know more about non-individual account opening, click here .


You can't open more than one trading account with Zerodha.

You can open more than one DEMAT account. To know more, click here .